Tamilnadu TNSTC SETC To Resume Interstate Bus Services With Andhra Pradesh

APSRTC, Public Information, SETC

TNSTC SETC APSRTC to resume the operation of interstate bus services between Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. The bus services between the state was suspended from 23rd March 2020. SETC TNSTC and APSRTC to resume the bus services between the states with effect from 25th November 2020. Recently in the same month of November, the interstate Read more

TNSTC Non AC Bus Service Timings From Kodaikanal To Coimbatore

Coimbatore, Kodaikanal, Public Information, TNSTC

TNSTC operates daily bus services from Kodaikanal to Coimbatore and Coimbatore to Kodaikanal. We are providing you with latest updated timings of government TNSTC non AC bus service timings from Kodaikanal to Coimbatore. The service is operated with non AC coach and passenger seating of 3*2 arrangement. Please find below the government TNSTC non AC Read more

TNSTC SETC To Operate Interstate Bus Services Between Tamilnadu And Karnataka

Bengaluru, KSRTC – Karnataka, Mangalore, Mangaluru, Public Information, SETC

TNSTC and SETC has resumed the interstate bus services between Tamilnadu and Karnataka from 11th November 2020 as part of Diwali festival. Initially bus services between states was expected to close by 16th November 2020. The bus services now has extended till further notice. At present apart from SETC, TNSTC and KSRTC ( Karnataka), Private Read more

Tamilnadu Resumes Interstate Bus Services For Limited Period Due to Diwali Festival

Bengaluru, Chennai, KSRTC – Karnataka, Mangalore, Mangaluru, Public Information, SETC

Government of Tamilnadu has resumed the interstate bus services resumed between Tamilnadu and Karnataka with effect from 12th November 2020. As part of resumption of service, the bus services are operated from Tamilnadu to different parts of Karnataka as per the interstate agreement signed by Government of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Here we are sharing few Read more

Where Should We Board In Chennai For Diwali Special TNSTC SETC Buses November 2020

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As you have already heard, TNSTC and SETC is operating special bus services for Diwali from Chennai to different parts of the state for Diwali. We are going share you the latest updated boarding points for buses departing from Chennai to Different Cities and Towns. TNSTC and SETC are planning to operate 14757 special buses Read more