Salem To Karur TNSTC Bus Timing Images

Karur, Namakkal, Salem, TNSTC

Salem To Karur TNSTC Bus Timing Images Salem To Karur TNSTC Bus Timing operated by department of transport. TNSTC stands for Tamilnadu State Road Transport Corporation, the corporation is under direct control department of transport Tamilnadu Government.

Tamilnadu State Road Transport Corporation operates 47 services in a day to Karur from Chennai via Namakkal. The bus operated for service is a standard bus made in ashok leyland or tata chassis with 3 *2 seater model.

Morning 12:10 AM
Morning 3:35 AM
Morning 4:27 AM
Morning 6:06 AM
Morning 6:25 AM
Morning 6:33 AM
Morning 6:38 AM
Morning 6:59 AM
Morning 7:06 AM
Morning 7:43 AM
Morning 7:52 AM
Morning 8:06 AM
Morning 9:12 AM
Morning 9:41 AM
Morning 10:13 AM
Morning 10:37 AM
Morning 11:47 AM
Afternoon 12:02 PM
Afternoon 12:29 PM
Afternoon 12:45 PM
Afternoon 12:53 PM
Afternoon 1:08 PM
Afternoon 1:40 PM
Afternoon 1:52 PM
Afternoon 2:24 PM
Afternoon 2:40 PM
Afternoon 2:50 PM
Afternoon 2:57 PM
Evening 4:20 PM
Evening 4:50 PM
Evening 5:00 PM
Evening 5:09 PM
Evening 5:37 PM
Evening 5:55 PM
Evening 6:00 PM
Evening 6:04 PM
Evening 6:16 PM
Evening 6:24 PM
Evening 7:24 PM
Evening 7:46 PM
Evening 8:10 PM
Evening 8:38 PM
Evening 8:55 PM
Evening 9:12 PM
Evening 9:30 PM
Evening 10:00 PM
Evening 11:25 PM


The service is really beneficial for General Public traveling from Salem to Karur. Salem is steel city of the Tamilnadu connecting to the Karur, the famous city for Textile and handloom sector. The Karur is also famous for Bus body building.

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  • NANDA Kumar Jan 19, 2018 Link Reply

    Please mention approximately travel time for reach salem

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