Accident – Private Bus Rammed Into Stationary Government Bus – 2 Killed 20 Grievously Injured

Public Information, SETC

A Private Bus rammed into stationary government bus causing grievous accident, in the accident 2 drivers of both the buses have been died on the spot.

The private bus driver lost control of the bus and rammed into a stationary TNSTC bus. The impact was high the front part of the both buses were highly damaged causing the drivers of the bus passaway.

The impact was higher for the passengers as 20 passengers of the bus were grievously injured and admitted to the hospitals. The police have reached the location and send the bodies of drivers for the postmortem.

The government bus was traveling to Kumbakonam from Thanjavur and incident occured enroute the journey. The police have send the injured passengers to the hospitals for better medication and hospitality.

Pics and News Courtesy : Elango

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