Coimbatore – Erode TNSTC Bus Timings ER0 100

Coimbatore, Erode, TNSTC

Tamilnadu State Road Transport Corporation operates bus services across length and breadth of Tamilnadu and Neighboring States. ERO 100 is non stop service operated from Coimbatore to Erode. The service is otherwise also know as 1 to 1 service but it’s better to be heard as ERO 100.

Coimbatore - Erode TNSTC Bus Timings ER0 100

Driver of The Bus Calling the Passengers to Board the Service

The service starts from Central Bus Stand at Coimbatore to Bus Stand at Erode. The bus service is available 8:15 AM, 9:15 AM, 9:40 AM, 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 2:30  PM, 5:25 PM, 6:40 PM and 7:10 PM.

The bus service is not available for online at the moment, for booking website visit


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  • dhanasekar Sep 21, 2017 Link Reply

    Why not cbe will start this service? Now erd only doing.

  • Balaji Oct 24, 2017 Link Reply

    What about erode to Coimbatore timings?will be helpful if you mention that also.

  • Ravindrakhatri Feb 3, 2018 Link Reply

    Supar fast sarvies

    • Praveen Dec 29, 2022 Link Reply

      Driver is not allowing men to sit in front.
      Can’t he drive without women

  • Prathap Nov 18, 2019 Link Reply

    Very worst ero 100 service. In thindal bus stop this service have a stop. But honourable drivers doesn’t stop. Because they think themselve are goin to moon. Time 10.42 18/11/19

    • vibin Chakaravarthy Jun 22, 2022 Link Reply

      that word “honorable drive” , project ur calm ??

  • gurumoorthy Nov 23, 2019 Link Reply

    How many hours it will take to cover coimbatore to Erode. Any body knows please give the details

  • Yuvaraj Feb 12, 2020 Link Reply

    Good useful service for womens and babys

  • K. R. Ganesan Sep 3, 2022 Link Reply

    Good service. All the facilities are available. Really we enjoyed this travelling..

  • Praveen Dec 29, 2022 Link Reply

    Is this non stop Or not

  • Balamurali Jan 9, 2023 Link Reply

    Good & safety travel by tnstc

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