Inter State Bus Service Would Not Be Available till May 31 2020 Or Further Notice

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As the public prefer travel by bus for interstate, the bus services from Tamilnadu to Neighbouring states have come to a halt post COVID19 lockdown implemented from 23rd Mar 20.

Honourable Chief Minister is yet to communicate the opening of interstate borders and restart of interstate bus services. The public transportation for general public is yet to be made live in the state, but the essential government employees services are operated by TNSTC SETC and MTC as per the request from government.

As per the present situation, the choice of not opening the interstate bus travel is good to an extend as it avoids mass spread.

As the COVID19, lockdown has impacted the travel from one state to another state for business purposes and personal travel. The curb is to reduce the impact on COVID19 Pandemic spread.

TNSTC SETC and MTC are playing crucial for emergency essential services as well as transporting migrants to railway stations. TNSTC drivers conductors officials are on war foot fully equipped with PPE for essential services.

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