Public Transportation Operations Would Be Live Post 31 May 2020 With SOP’s In Place

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As part of COVID19 Lockdown nationwide, Honourable Chief Minister of state has announced the lockdown extended till May 31st 2020. The public transportation used by masses will be not operational for further till lockdown 4.0 is over in TamilNadu.

The first lockdown for COVID19 Lockdown nationwide occured on March 23, 2020 that was further extended till 31st May 2020.

As of now, public transportation are available for essential government employees only as the 50 percentage presence is mandatory at offices effective 18th May 20 in TamilNadu.

Previously there was news about government bus operations to be restored post 17th May 20 with buses operating 50 percentage passengers of the seating and standing capacity. The speculation is not came into effect , as the public transportation is at standstill.

At present, TNSTC and MTC are operating essential services in the state for essential employees in different parts of TamilNadu.

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