Kerala SRTC Launches Electric Buses BYD Goldstone On Trial Basis

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Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala SRTC Otherwise known as KSRTC have launched electric bus on Trial Basis, The electric bus is manufactured by BYD Goldstone. Goldstone infratech limited have organised the trial facility to KSRTC, the bus is manufactured with technical support from BYD.

The unique feature of the bus is with one full charge the bus can travel upto 250 kilometres in normal road conditions. The bus also have additional features such as CCTV, Air Suspension Chassis and Music Systems.

The passengers will be guided with a Display Board inside and outside of the bus, at present the service will be trialed at Trivandrum. If all goes well, KSRTC is planning to buy 200 to 300 buses approximately after tender is provided.

The cost of the bus is assumed approximately at 1.6 crore, the battery in bus can be charged in 4 hours and maximum speed attained by the bus will 80km/hr.

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