Southern Railways To Operate Madurai To Villupuram COVID19 Special Trains 02636 02635

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Southern Railways have announced the launch of Special Trains during COVID 19 effective 1st June 20. As per announced reports, one of the announced routes are Madurai to Villupuram To Madurai.

The Trains schedules will be operated with composition of 3AC Chair Cars, 13 Second Class Chair Cars, 3 Second Class Coaches and 2 Generator Cum Brake Vans.

The schedule from Madurai To Villupuram runs with train No. 02636 and Villupuram to Madurai runs with train No. 02635.

The train will pass through Dindigul, Tiruchirapalli, Ariyalur to reach Villupuram and Madurai.

The train No. 02636 will depart from Madurai To Villupuram at 07.00 AM and arrive at 12.05 pm, The train no. 02635 will depart from Villupuram To Madurai at 4 pm and arrive at 9.20 pm.

The passengers can book their tickets by visiting only web portal or visit Public Reservation System Offices at Respective Railway Stations

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