Omni Buses Lists AC Bus Services, Will SETC and TNSTC Resume AC Bus Services


SETC and TNSTC are yet to resume the AC class of Bus Service in Tamilnadu while private omni bus operators have listed AC class Bus Services for services in Tamilnadu.

Omni Buses Lists AC Bus Services, Will SETC and TNSTC Resume AC Bus Services

SETC has resumed the bus operations on 7th September 2020 after the government of Tamilnadu lifting the ban on inter-district travel in the state.  At present, SETC operates Non AC Ultra Deluxe, Classic, Non AC Sleeper, and Non AC Seater Cum Sleeper Bus Services in the state. SETC is also having fleets of AC Coach, AC Sleeper, and AC Seater Cum Sleeper buses which are waiting for further orders from the Government.

SETC daily operates greater than 500 bus services with Non AC coaches, while the introduction of AC Seater, AC Sleeper, and AC Seater Cum Sleeper bus services could increase passengers because the preference of passengers is more for AC services.

TNSTC economic air-conditioned bus services are widely used by the passengers before the suspension of bus services from 23rd March 2020. The passengers welcome TNSTC EAC services because the service is excellent and the fare is economical, much lower fare than SETC AC seater bus services.

Karnataka RTC at present operates AC Volvo, Scania, Sleeper Bus Services in Karnataka as well as neighboring states of Kerala.

The face value of SETC has grown high among travelers as the government has supported in introducing new fleets with Non AC Seater Coach, Non AC Bio Toilet Coach, Non AC Seater Cum Sleeper, AC Seater, AC Sleeper and AC Seater Cum Sleeper Coaches.

SETC is also preferred by travelers, traveling from Neighbouring states to Tamilnadu. The newly launched bus services have amenities such as mobile charging ports, reading lamps, pushback seats, fans, tilting windows, air conditioning vents (professional in AC buses).

If SETC resumes the AC bus services based on passenger availability will be a great move and awaiting for resuming of bus services from the state to other states.

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