SETC and TNSTC To Resume Interstate Bus Operations Towards Karnataka

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SETC and TNSTC is all set to resume the interstate bus services to Karnataka, the bus services will be operated as per the interstate agreement signed between Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

SETC and TNSTC has stopped the bus operations from April 27th 2021, the resuming of the service will be a great help to the public passengers traveling to Karnataka. Previously the passengers are required to cross the border in Tamilnadu to board the bus to Karnataka. As this was a great hassle for the passengers carrying luggages, elderly, ladies and kids.

SETC and TNSTC have geared up their fleets to take the passengers to Karnataka, the fleets with reservation has been added to official website for online reservation to have hassle free travel experience.

SETC and TNSTC are at present operating buses with non air conditioned coaches and further basis on the depends or situations the AC will be introduced for the travel.

During the travel, we request you to abide by the regulations of state you are visiting and carry the documents for error free travel.

Karnataka RTC will also be operating the bus services to Tamilnadu with both air conditioned and non air conditioned coaches.

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