SETC Bus Timings From Pattukottai to Bengaluru 864P

Bangalore, Patukottai, SETC

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We are providing you with updated details about SETC Bus Timings from Pattukottai to Bengaluru with route no. 864P. The SETC have designated route numbers for all its schedule enroute to destinations. The route numbers are permanent and have not been changed.

SETC Bus Timings From Patukottai to Bengaluru 864 PThe route is designated to travel from Velankanni to Bengaluru with a boarding point at Patukottai. The passengers can book the bus in advance by visiting online reservation portal of SETC or by visiting nearest SETC computerised ticket booking centre. 

The bus service will start at 8:00 PM from Patukottai and reach Bengaluru at 3:00 am in the morning. The travel time from Patukottai to Bangalore is 7 hours depends upon traffic conditions. The ticket price per passenger is set at 540 rupees per adult excluding the reservation charges applicable.

The bus utilized for the service is a Non AC variant Coach made in Ashok Leyland Chassis. The bus have salient features such as Pushback seats and Air Suspension chassis for extra comfort.

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