Tamilnadu Government Sends SETC Non AC Seater Cum Sleeper Coaches For Rescue Mission To Kochi Port In Kerala

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Tamilnadu Government have arranged special buses to Kochi Port to bring back the people to state. At instance there was objection to pass the buses to Kochi, but the authorities made things smooth to reach the buses in time at Kochi.

The government have send SETC non AC seater cum Sleeper buses recently inducted for operations. We see the buses with sleeper coaches will be beneficial for the people coming from abroad.

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The buses were sanitised as per protocol and send to Kochi for picking up the passengers coming through ship.

The leadership of Tamilnadu Government have done the best for returning citizens by arranging the transportation with super class buses.

The leadership had a foresight in sending the buses of super class as the passengers will be coming exhausted and senior citizens could use the sleeper Berths.

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