TNSTC Buses In Long Queue At Toll Plazas

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Yes you read it right, TNSTC buses in long queue at Toll Plazas. The incident occurs because of the TNSTC buses operates through toll plazas required to travel through cash lane if the fastag is not present for the particular service.

The non fastag creates more delays for the passengers as the toll plazas would be having only one or two cash counters depending upon the fleet traveling in the toll plazas.

TNSTC management should discuss with NHAI to bring up an innovative method for public transportation to be equipped with special fastag/ fastag to be mapped with NPCI not to charge in toll plazas as applicable.

At present the regular services operated by SETC is equipped with fastag and doesn’t require to wait in cash lane to pass.

By implementing the fastag methodology TNSTC can save more on diesel consumption by avoiding long queue, as long queues require acceleration and deceleration of the bus.

The long queues at toll plazas can create more running time for buses and impact contributing services such as 1to1 1 2 1.

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