TNSTC Bus Timings From Pollachi To Parambikulam Via Topslip

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TNSTC operates daily bus services from Pollachi to Parambikulam, passenger to topslip can also utilize the service as the schedule passes through. The bus operated for the service will be of 10metre chassis with single door due to hilly terrain enroute the destination with passenger seating arrangement of 3*2.

Below is the bus timings from Pollachi to Parambikulam operated by TNSTC Coimbatore Division.

  • 6.15 am
  • 10.10 am
  • 11.20 am
  • 3.15 pm

At present the schedule doesn’t have online reservation system, passengers need to board the bus from Pollachi Bus Stand.

Pic Courtesy: TNSTC Enthusiasts

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  • M KANNAN Oct 25, 2021 Link Reply

    Thanks for the information.
    May the Lord Jesus bless you.
    When did they resume?
    Because in between they had suspended the service.

  • S.Nalankilli Aug 7, 2023 Link Reply

    Thank you very much indeed for your great services Such a good information about the bue timings almost anywhere in Tamilnadu.

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