TNSTC Villupuram Air Conditioned 3+2 Seater Review Video and Images

Chennai, Tiruvannamalai, TNSTC, Vellore, Villupuram

Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation, Villupuram division have launched new 2 buses from Chennai to Vellore and Tiruvanamallai sector. The launched vehicle is a air-conditioned coach with 3+2 seating arrangements We are hereby providing you the review video and images taken by our friend group and other bus fan friends.

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Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation is one of the India’s largest bus transport organisation run by Government of Tamilnadu, In recent past, the state express transport corporation also have launched AC seater bus services along with AC sleeper services to State Capital from District Headquarters and neighboring states.

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  • Lion.R.Kuppuraj Sep 19, 2022 Link Reply

    I appreciate the Tamilnadu Government State Transport Corporation for introducing Luxury A/C Bus service from Vellore to Chennai. Though it is an air conditioned luxury Bus,the 2 x 3 seating arrangement is an inconvenient one. Passengers occupying at the asile seat is not able to travel comfortably. Myself and my wife is often utilising this service. On one occassion a passenger fell down from the seat when the bus was approaching curvy road. So, I would like to alter the existing 3 x 2 seating arrangement to 2 x 2 seat arrangement and even the corporation can enhance the ticket price. Usually I am giving first preference to travel by TNSTC Express Buses with Air suspension and
    2 x 2 seating arrangement when compare to A/C Bus with 3 x 2 seating arrangement because the former one is more comfortable than the later one. Hence, I request the concerned authorities to consider this genuine suggestion.

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