What is a Ultra Deluxe Service of SETC ? A Common Confusion Solved

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First of all, SETC stands for State Express Transport Corporation Inder department of Transport, Tamilnadu Government in Indian State. SETC operates premium bus service in Tamilnadu and neighbouring states such as Kerala Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Union Territory of Pondicherry.

At present SETC focus on serving the public on southern states of India. SETC is separated from TNSTC to operate longer distance comfort services for the public.

Let’s come to what’s ultra deluxe service of SETC ?

Ultra Deluxe service is a non air conditioned service of SETC with Push Back Seater facility. The coach used for the service will be having features such as listed below.

  • Non Air Conditioned Coach
  • USB mobile charging ports
  • Push Back Seats
  • Tilting Windows
  • Window Screens
  • Air Suspension Chassis for additional travel comfort.
  • Reading lamp
  • Water bottle holder
  • News paper holder
  • Carry bag holder
  • Cabin and Passenger separation to avoid engine noise.

SETC operates top class services for the public, the present fleet of SETC have got overwhelming response from public for different services launched listed below.

  • Classic (Ultra Deluxe Coach with Toilet)
  • Non AC Seater Cum Sleeper
  • Non AC Sleeper
  • AC Seater
  • AC Seater Cum Sleeper
  • AC Sleeper Service

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  • Kannan Jun 28, 2023 Link Reply

    Questions asked :what is the difference between deluxe and ultradeluxe bus in setc.

    Answer given: explanation about setc ultradeluxe only.

    Try to give answer for full question.

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