Chennai MTC Employees Given Directions For Operations Effective 4-May-20

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Covid19 has made a halt on public transportation in the entire country except for emergency essential services operated TNSTC MTC and SETC. Our Honorable Prime Minister have extended the lockdown due to COVID19 pandemic till 3rd May 20.

Now a circular have passed by respective official of Chennai MTC on Do’s and Dont’s of Operations post COVID19 lockdown effective 4th May 20.

Please find below the points mentioned in the letter shared by MTC officials.

  • Officials of Chennai MTC should be wearing mask during transit and official hours.
  • Officials must compulsory wash their hands disinfectant / soap every one hour.
  • Officials using the Table Chair Computer Mouse Keyboard Steering Wheel etc.. to be properly sanitized with disinfectant for protection.
  • Officials to ensure proper sanitation is done for objects used during official hours.
  • Fever and COVID19 patients required to apply for leave as standard code of operations.
  • Officials should maintain Social Distancing for smooth functioning of organization.
  • Officials should mandatory download Arogya Sethu app do a diagnosis via the app.
  • Officials to ensure for carrying 50 ml sanitizer minimum on daily basis.

Respective Official of Chennai MTC have given clear guidance to Officials for there well being and passenger well being.

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