Interstate Bus Services In Tamilnadu Will Be Operated After Reduction Of Virus Spread

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Interstate Bus Services in Tamilnadu and connecting other states will be post-reduction of COVID19 spread. Chief Minister has announced during the meeting yesterday.

As everyone is aware that effective 23rd Mar 2020 the interstate bus services are standstill due to covid19 spread across India. TNSTC has resumed the bus services effective from 1st June 2020 but stopped due to increased spread of Corona Virus.

At present from September 1st, 2020 bus services are resumed between intradistrict and later from 7th September the services between Inter-District is resumed.

State Express Transport Corporation has resumed the bus services between Inter-District and operating buses to Capital Chennai. The passengers can also book the service online by visiting The service operated by SETC at present is Non AC Class such as Non AC seater cum sleeper, Ultra Deluxe, Classic.

The increase in passenger ratio to Chennai is high compared to other locations so SETC is planning to increase the bus services to Chennai based on pax.

TNSTC is also operating Non AC 3*2 bus services across Tamilnadu and TNSTC doesn’t use the AC fleets same as SETC in order to reduce the spread of COVID19.

The passengers are requested to hear the TNSTC and SETC officials for using masks and hand sanitizer periodically along the journey. The passengers who are using other means of face shield except for the mask will not be allowed to board the bus.

There are incidents we’re passengers are overcrowding despite the request from conductor and driver. The passengers should cooperate with driver and conductor during the entire journey time.

We are requesting you to use the mask and hand Sanitizer along the journey for your safety and families safety. Your one negligence could be a disaster please be safe while using public transportation. Passengers are requested to keep additional masks handy in case the mask gets damaged.

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  • Sivaraman Sep 12, 2020 Link Reply

    Other states operate Interstate services; trains are also allowed; then why not interstate buses. There seems to be no reason to prohibit this vital service.

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