Karnataka RTC to Install 400 Premium Buses with Artificial Intelligence for Safer Travel of Passengers

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Karnataka RTC have planned to install 400 buses with Artificial Intelligence, everyone one will think why such a move at this time point. It’s due to recent bus accident happened at Avinashi taking lives of 19 passengers, the bus in the accident was taking passengers from Bangalore To Ernakulam ( Kerala RTC)

How can this Artificial Intelligence help us ? The AI can help the bus to reduce the speed if a vehicle is traveling in opposite direction in the same lane, if any object or vehicle traveling in same lane rather than forward direction the vehicle reduce the speed with a distance of 50 meters.

The buses operated by Karnataka RTC is one of the best in public transportation and have record of lowest accident history. The major reason behind the success of Karnataka RTC is buses operated are maintained properly and specialists drive the vehicle.

The pilots of Karnataka RTC undergo training regularly at respective training institutes of bus manufacturers. Karnataka RTC have plans to expand and place, there will be driver cum conductor in all the long distance bus services operated greater than 400 kms.

Karnataka RTC vehicles are locked at 80 km/ hr as per national road laws. Pilots driving vehicle from 1 am to 5 am are informed to take stops at mentioned places for breaks as per guidelines received from respective Karnataka RTC official.

Karnataka RTC operates highest premium services with Volvo Mercedes Benz and Scania. Karnataka RTC at present have numerous service from Bangalore to all southern cities.

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