Kerala Private Bus Applied Sudden Break on Wet Road; Skidded : Dash Cam Visuals Shocking & Frightening

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Kerala is famous for its heavy rains and wonderful climates but roads are not safe during rains. As the roads will be slippery when water flows down and clogging of water.

The below video is an incident when a family traveling encountered the incident and really shocking footage from dash cam. The private bus are rushing towards to destination and braked to avoid collision, skidded creating a panic situation of car passengers and bus driver.

How to Drive Safely In the Rain

Turn on your low beams and windshield wipers : Activating your low beams and wipers will ensure other vehicles can see you. The state of Illinois requires windshield wipers to be on when low beams are also on. Obey the law to not only ensure your safety but to avoid a legal hassle.

Increase your following distance : Wet roads are slick surfaces that require special attention when driving on them. When the road is wet, it will take your vehicle a little bit more time to come to a complete stop. Practice safe driving by putting more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. The average reaction time for drivers is 3⁄4 of a second. Allow yourself enough time to identify the hazard and a plan of avoidance.

Reduce your speed : Speed limits are set for ideal weather conditions, not wet and slippery roadways. Speeding and over-confidence in adverse conditions can lead to hydroplaning.
Brake smoothly : You should never slam on the brakes, but this is especially true when driving on wet roads. Apply pressure to the brake slowly, smoothy and early. Try to avoid changing lanes abruptly.

Avoid standing water : Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, at night this can prove to be a bit more challenging to spot clearly. A general rule of thumb is to scan ahead and anticipate where water might be accumulating. Does water appear to be in one lane more so than the other? Is water welling up on the shoulder of the road?

Exercise extra caution at intersections : Slow well before intersections by covering the brake. Even with good visibility and in the best of conditions, intersections are a high-risk area for collisions. Remember to anticipate never assume another drivers actions. Drivers may not come to a complete stop and blow through an intersection especially in slippery conditions if they have not been properly trained to drive in adverse conditions.

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