Puducherry to Sabarimala SETC Bus Service Timings

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SETC, the government owned premium bus service operator operates special bus service from Puducherry to Sabarimala. SETC is a Transport wing of TNSTC which operates long route Mofussil bus service with premium class of service.

SETC has announced to operate daily bus service from Sabarimala to Puducherry and Sabarimala to Puducherry, the bus service will be till Pampa and passengers are required to ferry buses to Sabarimala operated by KSRTC.

SETC every year operates interstate service from Puducherry to Sabarimala to Puducherry in the month of December and January. The bus is operated as per the interstate agreement between Puducherry and Kerala.

The SETC denotes route no. For designated service, the route number for the service between Puducherry and Sabarimala is 777PUD with trip code 1730PUUPPA. The total distance covered by the bus service is 609 kilometers in 13 hours.

The fare for the service from Puducherry to Sabarimala is fixed at Rupees 990 excluding the online ticket reservation charges, we recommend the pilgrims to book the ticket in advance for comfortable journey as the bus would be crowded due to high pilgrim season.

The bus service will depart from Puducherry at 5:30 pm and arrive in Pampa Sabarimala next day morning at 6:30 am. The bus service have additional boarding points in Cuddalore at 6:10 pm, Kurinjipadi at 7:00 pm, Neyveli at 7:15 pm, Mandarakuppam at 7:30 pm, Virudhachalam at 7:45 pm. The passengers required to travel from Cuddalore, Kurinjipadi, Neyveli, Virudhachalam can used the bus service to travel to Sabarimala Pampa.

The passengers can book the service by visiting www.TNSTC.in.

For more news and information on Sabarimala journey visit us at myTNSTC.com/blog

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