Road Rage, Auto Driver Tried to Stab TNSTC Driver with Knife in Puliakulam Coimbatore

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As part of Road Rage in the roads of Coimbatore, a auto driver in a fit of rage tried to stab on duty TNSTC driver in Puliakulam Coimbatore.

The driver of the bus is Mr. Pandi , during the incident Mr. Pandi was driving route number 7 Gandhipark to Gandhipark service. When the driver was driving in narrow stretch of Puliakulam road, auto driver have tried to overtake the bus.

In a fit of road rage in the action of bus driver , auto driver blocked the bus and approached toward TNSTC driver with a knife kept in his auto.

The passengers from the bus alarmed and caught the auto driver redhanded, the passengers have called the police force.

After coming to know about the incident, police force rushed to rescue of the TNSTC driver. The auto driver was arrested and case was filed against the auto driver under 4 sections.

The sections include homicide charges, disturbing government official not able to do the duty.

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