Tamilnadu Government Cancels All The Special Trains Operated In State Due To COVID19 Pandemic

Indian Railways, Southern Railways

Southern Railways was operating special trains in Tamilnadu State limits, at present the special trains are cancelled as per the guidelines from Tamilnadu government.

The cancellation of trains comes at a time of increase in COVID19 pandemic spread across major cities towns and villages. The special train service was an useful service for the public during the lockdown but considering the safety of the public Tamilnadu government have requested the stoppage of services from 29th June 20 to 15th July 20.

Southern Railway have also released a note on the special train operations, the note stated that chief secretary of Tamilnadu have shared the cancellation of trains request to GM southern railways.

As per the request, southern railways have cancelled all the trains operated in the state from 29th June 20 to 15th July 20.

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